After the creation of the first eight paintings, Fellini won worldwide recognition, audience success, critical acclaim, many awards, scandals and even excommunication. At 43, he managed to achieve full self-realization. "Eight and a Half" became a bridge between his early work and a new, perhaps the most original creative period. In this work, the director took a giant step towards modernity, having achieved a mirror image of the process of creating a work of art. The film tells about the torment of the creative director who makes the film. As an artist, he feels the need to create, and at the same time, he is a person who is not alien to anything earthly: he communicates with women, children, colleagues, reflects on life and death, sees dreams. The picture touches the living thanks to Fellini's rich imagination and skill. We observe difficult situations in which the hero finds himself, torn between dreams and reality. The film touches upon the problems of aging, delusions, the return to childhood fears, which are revealed in each of us by the "window", whether we are ordinary people or artists.

8½/Восемь с половиной

Артикул: 1987/8
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