In the midst of fierce battles against the colonial regime, which had 800,000 soldiers and police officers at its disposal since the end of 1958 , 2/3 of all combat aircraft, on the same routes
with the soldiers of the Liberation Army, there was also a participant of the Great Patriotic War, Georgian documentary filmmaker - international Georgy Asatiani. At the risk of his life, he shot
the episodes for the documentary film "The Algerian Diary", which was released on the screens of the USSR in April 1962 - three months before the official declaration of independence of Algeria. You-complete in the form of travel notes, thanks to the dynamic With his editing and unexpected camera angles, he portrayed the nurses of the rebel army and the partisan heroes, convincingly
conveying to the audience the hard-won right of the Algerians to decide their own fate.

Algerian diary/Алжирский дневник

Артикул: 1962/A
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