Music. Music reigns here irrevocably and uncompromisingly. She stands on a pedestal and surpasses any film reception, she just sweeps away. This is especially striking in the last scene, when the haggard, half-crazy Mozart Forman weakly hums the phrases of "Requiem", and Salieri records melodies that combine into one and strike with the power and splendor of the whole canvas. Mozart sees the music, his eyes look through the shabby room - he is where the arpeggios of violins flutter, where the choir sounds powerfully, where the orchestra either calms down on Lacrimosa, then rumbles like God's wrath.

The envy of Salieri, a craftsman from music, is interpreted by the director as hatred of God, who gave the intolerable boy the gift that the court composer has always dreamed of. Salieri's anguish is indescribable - he is able to see the beauty of Mozart's music like no other, but he is not able to create anything like it. His best pieces fade as soon as Mozart is next to him. Amadeus does not invent, he simply records the music that sounds in his head, that he feels, and this talent, given to an unworthy, dissolute boy, kills Salieri. He decides to challenge God and destroy his creation in order to avenge injustice. Thus, the conflict goes beyond the boundaries of ordinary human enmity, becomes a monstrous challenge to fate from a person who is not able to create such beautiful things.

It is certainly worth remembering that the story of Mozart's poisoning by Salieri is a fairy tale, as is what the court musician does to Amadeus in the film in question. But is it important when such a tragedy is played out before your eyes? Salieri Foreman is monstrous. He is really terrible - and incredible earthiness, combined with the ability to appreciate the masterpiece, and genuine pain and admiration, which are inseparable from servility, and cunning, which appears only when he wants to destroy Mozart. These contrasts are truly frightening, make you squeeze your palms, waiting for what will follow next. The dissolute Mozart is too naive, while the strict nobleman Salieri keeps an intolerable evil under a polite mask. Salieri is relentless, although Mozart's music raises a storm in him. Whatever he does, he is helpless, and this helplessness demonstrates its other side - intolerable cruelty. The life of Mozart, who is killed by music, is filled with suffering, the life of Salieri is filled with suffering, who died at the very moment when he saw and heard the great composer. "Thanks to my connections, Don Juan was held in Vienna only 5 times. But I myself did not miss any. one ".


Артикул: 1988/A
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