A funny musical story about the adventures of a talented shepherd-musician Kostya Potekhin (Leonid Utyosov). Being mistaken for a fashionable foreign guest performer, the ingenuous Kostya made a sensation at the Moscow Music Hall, thanks to which he became the conductor of a jazz orchestra, and the housekeeper Anyuta (Lyubov Orlova) became a singer. His orchestra conducts rehearsals for the performance on the stage of the Bolshoi Theater at the funeral ...

The first Soviet musical comedy movie, which gained popularity and national love. Songs are hummed to this day, sometimes without even noticing. Even now, the incredible adventures of the talented shepherd Kostya Potekhin look fresh. Such pictures do not become obsolete. This is a real classic of world cinema.

The film was a great success both in the USSR and abroad, where it was shown under the title "Moscow Laughs". At the II Venice International Film Festival (1934), the film received an award for direction and music and was included in the six best films in the world.

The film was restored at Mosfilm in 1978.

Funny boys/Весёлые ребята

Артикул: 1948/V
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