A film novel about several Moscow families whose fates are intertwined. About people who have preserved their human dignity in difficult life situations.
The scene of action is a new district of Moscow, one of those that appeared in the 30s. Several families move here, including the Davydovs: father, mother, daughter, sons; the main action of the picture is concentrated around these heroes. The peaceful life of the heroes with their joys and troubles, quarrels and reconciliations, complex personal relationships was blown up by the war, which immediately connects everyone, forcing them to see the meaning of their days in a different way. The paths of each are somewhat similar, probably by the measure of the suffering they have taken.

The song "Silence Behind the Rogozhskaya Zastava" is performed by Nikolai Rybnikov.

House I live in, The/Дом, в котором я живу

Артикул: 1957/D
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