A screen adaptation of the story of the same name by Wanda Vasilevskaya. This film is notable for the fact that it was released during the war years and filmed in the most difficult conditions. It is about the valor and heroism of partisans, about a simple Ukrainian woman Olena Kostyuk, who joined the ranks of the people's avengers. "The fate of Olena Kostyuk," said the leading actor Natalia Uzhviy, "who without a single groan endured inhuman torment, torture, the death of a newborn child killed by a fascist officer, and did not betray her comrades, did not leave anyone indifferent. She was perceived as a symbol, as a generalized the image of the people's strength, great courage and passionate motherly love ... "Rainbow" touched a quicksilver, sounded like an angry speech of a prosecutor ... It aroused hatred of the enemy, a desire to fight to the end. "


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