A sailor from the southern town of Sergei Chaikin (Gleb Romanov), whose songs are loved and known by sailors, is hopelessly in love with student and sportswoman Lena. But not only shyness prevents Sergey from explaining himself to the mocking girl. The director of the House of Seamen Vadim - his serious rival - is going with Lena to Moscow for the World Youth Festival. However, in the chorus of sailors, the soloist falls ill - and Sergei flies to the capital ...

Great success falls to Sergei: he sings, dances, plays the accordion wonderfully ... Participants and guests of the festival warmly welcome his performance. After a series of comedic misunderstandings, Sergey's relationship with Lena is finally improving ...

This tape became the leader of the box office in 1958, it was watched by 45 million viewers. O. Feltsman's songs to this film were very popular. The song "My Black Sea" is still in the repertoire of pop singers.

Sailor from "Comet"/Матрос с «Кометы»

Артикул: 1958/M
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