A funny story of the "war" of a Komsomol activist and two factory guys who do not want to succumb to education. As a result, they turn out to be good guys, worthy of respect and even love ...

Because of the two unlucky and windy merry fellows, a whole youth brigade is suffering. The failure of the guys is that they do not see the difference between the Octobrists and sponsored hooligans. Komsomol member Nadya (Nadezhda Rumyantseva) has been entrusted to re-educate two blockheads. Nadezhda undertakes re-education with real enthusiasm, she takes friends to lectures about the inhabitants of the seabed, reads "Oblomov" to them, tries to wean them from drinking and smoking. But after the "intractable" twist her several times around her finger, Nadia realizes that the usual methods are not suitable here. But getting down to business, Nadezhda at the same time grew up ...

"The picture can be safely attributed to the masterpieces of Soviet cinema. Even if today the problems of the characters do not cause, in many ways, understanding, but the general mood, motives, enthusiasm find a response in any viewer. At first, the viewer may be perplexed, seeing the factory surroundings on the screen. this did not happen, the authors of the film accompany the beginning with such a funny, humorous music. And now, two minutes after the start, the viewer softens, despite the "blast furnaces" and "open-hearth furnaces." And then something unlimited begins at all. The plot of the film fascinates. it's hard until the end. "


Артикул: 1959/N
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