Based on the fairy-tale play by G. Vladychina.
The father decided to marry his three sons. The brothers went out into the open field and fired arrows in different directions. The arrow of the eldest son fell on the boyar's yard, to the boyar's daughter, the arrow of the middle son fell on the merchant's yard, and the arrow of Ivan, the youngest son, fell on the swamp to the frog-frog ...
In the dark kingdom of the Serpent-Gorynych, the evil Baba Yaga guards Vasilisa the Beautiful. But love, courage and ingenuity of a good fellow Ivan help to overcome witchcraft ...

In "Vasilisa the Beautiful" there are exciting episodes of the battle of the protagonist Ivanushka with the Serpent Gorynych. At the Experimental Toy Factory in Zagorsk near Moscow, several Gorynycha Serpents of various sizes were made. The largest one - several meters long - was transported to the shooting in Yalta on four platforms. When it was assembled, 14 people of different heights were placed inside. In the heads (that Gorynych was about six heads), only Lilliputians could fit. Those sitting inside moved on command - and the multi-headed monster came to life! After long rehearsals, shooting was scheduled. The director gave the command, Sergei Stolyarov, who was playing Ivanushka, famously spurred his horse, holding a long pike at the ready, and rushed to the Serpent Gorynych. The snake came to life, but then the real horse under the actor got scared! He began to back away and finally stood rooted to the spot. The shooting had to be stopped. For a whole week, the horse was taken to the Serpent Gorynych, on the way they scattered delicious bait - oats, hay, and the horse gradually ceased to be afraid of the terrible monster.

Vasilisa the Beautiful/Василиса Прекрасная

Артикул: 1967/V
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