The famous actor Gennady Maksimov travels south, to the Crimea, with his wife Larisa. She is taken off the train to replace the sick actress. Maximov has to get to Crimea alone. He lags behind the train, meets with many people, and each meeting turns into a satirical, theatrical miniature. After a series of skirmishes with very interesting people, he manages to get to the sanatorium. Excessively zealous vacationers, accidentally seeing a rehearsal of the scene "deceived husband", take it at face value and, wanting to help Maksimov, almost quarrel with his wife ...
"You and I met somewhere," the authors call the picture and hope that some of the viewers will recognize themselves. Much has changed, a lot has gone irrevocably, but people do not change, whatever the circumstances of their lives. The soul remains the same. The tape has not aged. And now it will give pleasure, because true talent does not age "(M. Ivanov).

We met somewhere/Мы с вами где-то встречались

Артикул: 1954/M
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